Urbanus G. fan ‘e Rydwei

Height: 16.2hh
2015 KFPS Royal Friesian
Sire: Wybren 464 Sport
Dam: Berber fan ‘e Rydwei
Dam Sire: Anton 343 Sport Pref
Dwarfism Status: Negative
Hydrocephalus Status: Negative


This stallion is no urban legend!
Urbanus is a 2015 KFPS Royal Friesian stallion with a pedigree out of this world, including a Star-Preferent mother and grandmother. He has a very calm demeanor and is always respectful of his rider. Urban is working towards getting his sport classification and has proven to be quite the stunner in the show ring. He has also proven to be a reputable breeding stallion during the 2019 season, his first year actively breeding. At this time we ARE offering availability for cross breeding in addition to purebred breedings.

Artificial insemination starting at $800 per breeding
Cooled or frozen semen
At this time we are only offering AI, no live covering
Buyer pays shipping, collection and all associated veterinarian fees
We currently ship nationwide in the US only
Collection site: Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic, 7319 Tittabawassee Rd, Saginaw, MI

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