Introducing Sofieke D. fan Legend – Sale Pending

2021 Friesian Filly
Wimer 461 Sport x Alke 468 Sport

Her mother, Sigrid fan it Pompebled, is a full papered mare and has a phenomenal motherline! STER+PREF*4-STER-STER+PREF*4-STER+PREF. This motherline has produced many STER offspring; this a wonderful quality line. Her mother is STER+PREF*4, meaning that she has produced 4 babies to become STER!

Her father, Wimer 461 Sport, is known for his correct confirmation and powerful use of his hind legs. This ultimately contributed to a score of over 80 points in all three disciplines- a score few stallions have matched. He also achieved all around best moving stallion both under saddle and in the carriage in 2010. He is very talented and currently competing at Z2 level dressage.

This will be a wonderful horse! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a horse with quality bloodlines.