Our Mission

Meadow Ridge Farm’s mission is to support and promote all aspects of equine care, education, and outreach. With world-class facilities and our commitment to advancing the Friesian horse population, we aim to set the standards of excellence in the Great Lakes equestrian community.

Our Story

Meadow Ridge Farm came to be in August 2019, when the owner Clifford Dice decided to pursue his dream of raising foals.  Little did he know he was being handed a running boarding facility.  Over the years, Cliff has put countless hours into making Meadow Ridge into a fully operating boarding and breeding facility. On top of top tier boarding, the barn also offers lessons and has a large leasing program.   

 Equestrianism is at the forefront of our work at Meadow Ridge Farm. From our work promoting and growing the Friesian horse population to providing a one of a kind property for boarding, leasing, and lessons, our mission is to promote the benefits of responsible and purposeful horse ownership.


Contact us today to join the Meadow Ridge Family.  Meadow Ridge has a little bit of something for everyone!

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