Horse Leasing

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to riding, leasing a horse is an ideal way to stay involved with horses without the expense and responsibility of boarding, vet and farrier bills, feed, and other care costs. Unlike owners, who are required to pay all of these pesky fees, lessees only pay a monthly fee for scheduled riding times. This option is ideal for any level rider who is committed to riding weekly and building a relationship with their horse.

Meadow Ridge Farm is a beautiful property located in Midland, Michigan and is a perfect place to leave behind the stresses of life and enjoy a ride.

Horse Leasing Options

1 Day Lease 2 Day Lease 3 Day Lease
Up to one ride each week allowed. Up to two rides each week allowed. Up to three rides each week allowed.

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Meet Crystal

Crystal is a finished all-around ranch mare registered with APHA.  She is 10 years old and stands 14.2 hands high. Everyone who has met her loves her friendly personality, and she even smiles for treats!!  Crystal is also learning to jump soon, she is a perfect all-arounder.  She is safe and suitable for most riders, but can be a little confusing for beginners due to her buttons.  

Meet Doc

Doc is a 9 year old gelding registered with AQHA.  He is a fantastic all arounder, very easy to ride.  Standing at 15.2hh, Doc is the perfect size for everyone.  He is starting his career in jumping and speed events, but don’t let that fool you.  He is a safe mount for all and will hack out alone or with a group on the trails.  Doc is a great all-arounder, and is suitable for any type of rider.


Meet Dannick

Dannick is a 14-year-old KFPS registered Friesian gelding who’s been there, done that.  He has been in the show ring, rode on trails, and just for pleasure around the arena.  He is a big boy standing at 17 hands!  Dannick loves dressage but he can also be used for western or other english riding.  He is suitable for children, beginners, or those looking for more woah than go.

Meet Renata

Renata is a 10 year-old KFPS registered Friesian Mare.  This sweet mare is coming along nicely in lower level dressage, but she will ride any discipline.  Renata also loves low level jumping.  She is suitable for riders looking for a calm horse with a large, lofty stride.  Although she is safe, her lofty trot and upright canter make her not ideal for small children.

Meet Cowboy

Cowboy is a 12 year old gelding registered with AQHA.  He was a trail horse most of his life and is safe alone or in a group.  He is more on the ranchy side, he stands at 15hh, and is very soft in the mouth.  Cowboy also moves off leg easily, making him more suitable for advanced beginners and up.

Meet Koa

Koa is a 15 year old National Show Horse.  He is a very quiet gelding with a calm and willing demeanor.  Koa has a lot of buttons and is very soft to handle under saddle.  He prefers to stay on the slower side, so no speed events for this guy!  He is a wonderful western/english pleasure horse.  This exceptionally smooth gelding is suitable for any level rider.

Meet Stormy

Stormy, a.k.a “Ready to Sparkle,” is registered APHA, a year 2000 model, but don’t let that fool you.  He is a very quiet gelding with a calm and willing demeanor, but he has a lot of life in him.  He loves to go for trail rides, but he will also give his all to you in the arena. Any direction you point him, he is ready to go.  Stormy is a true all-arounder, he is safe for anyone in any discipline.

Our Sweet, Sweet Grace

Grace was a 17 y/o registered paint mare.  She loved treats and lots of grooming time.  With heavy hearts, we announce Grace passed away due to unforseen circumstances in June 2022.

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