Veerle fan StarKing

Veerle fan StarKing is a 2014 KFPS Royal Friesian Kroon mare. She is an amazing, sweet, & loving mare with a playful personality.  She has completed in hand, driving, and riding training, making her the perfect all arounder.  

Onyx D. fan Legend

Though 2020 was a crazy year, we were blessed with this little guy being born on our farm in January. He is becoming an amazing upright mover who’s light on his feet. He’s been handled since birth, and is a super sweet lovable little stallion. We cannot wait to see what his future holds for him in his training & development.

Urbanus G. fan ‘e Rydwei

This stallion is no urban legend! Urbanus is a 2015 KFPS Royal Friesian stallion with a pedigree out of this world, including a Star-Preferent mother and grandmother. He has a very calm demeanor and is always respectful of his rider. Urban is working towards getting his sport classification and has proven to be quite the stunner in the show ring.

Sigrid fan it Pompebled

Sigrid fan it Pompebled was born in 2013 and raised in the Netherlands. This tall gal is currently standing at 16 hands. She is a half-sister, through her stam line 050, to approved stallion Maurits 437 and an aunt to approved stallion Jurre 495. 

Yldau S.G.

Yldau S.G. was born in 2015, and raised in the Netherlands. She has amazing bloodlines, calm demeanor, and loves blueberry muffins!

Ylja A.d.V.

This 2015 mare is a Ferrari, and she is for sale! This mare is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, sweet demeanor and spicy movement!  She excels in dressage, with a riding IBOP score of 80!  The rather quiet crowd came alive when she made her grand entrance into the ring at the 2022 February keuring.

Tatjana fan de Kadyk

Tatjana joined Urban Legend Friesians in June 2021. She was born and raised at Stal fan de kadyk. With her cuddly, kind nature, Momma T has easily become a barn favorite!

Irena van de Hiddemawei

Irena is a 3 year old mare joined Urban Legend Friesians in the beginning of September 2021. Since she is the youngest mare on the farm, this sweet lady has earned the nickname of “baby girl”.